We offer considered design solutions for meaningful, healthy and sustainable housing.

We believe in energy descent philosophy. We advocate for a downscaling of our collective carbon footprint at a household level - not just green technology. We implement this through studies of scale and positive design.

Our design experience is in residential and small scale commercial.

Hands-on construction work, from furniture to whole house builds, has given us an understanding of putting things together.

We have amalgamating our knowledge in construction with our architectural background. We follow an iterative design process for every project that is both conceptual and practical to give the best available outcome within the means and scope of a project. We intentionally work with economical and sustainable objectives in mind while investing time and research into the design process to create long-term value to our clients.

We focus on affordable design created with consideration of our climatic and cultural context. Environmental responsibility is fundamental throughout our work, along with a commitment to creating spaces that are a pleasure to experience.